What features should we add to Corona?

add native.actionsheet as in native.showAlert

Dear Corona-developers,

it would be awesome if the native-library could be extended and a native.actionsheet(explanation, {button1: color, button2:color, button3: color}{cancelbutton: color}) was there.

Someone asked earlier this year:

Later this year I also came accross this topic:

Rob told us that this can be done manually and yes, basically one can write code that results in an actionsheet that looks almost exactly like the native actionsheet. But at least I couldn't make it match the original one exaclty 100%, so I'm afraid - at least to me - this will never be a perfect solution.

Since native.showAlert works perfectly, I am wondering if native.actionSheet would be that big of a deal for developers. Having the option to pass the optional title of actionsheet, a list of buttons (including colors, as iOS has red for important buttons and blue for harmless buttons) and the color for the "cancel" button (only on iOS) would help a lot.

Appreciate any comments on this :)



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